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Willkommen in der Translation Center ALTANA in Kiew!

Translation Agency ALTANA is a professional team, ready to perform high-quality translation of texts and documents of any corpus and subject, as well as perform a number of additional services.

Quality. High-quality translations are one of the basic principles of our work. We employ only highly qualified professionals, we do not engage to transfer students and don’t use the machine translation. Translation Agency ALTANA specializes in many areas, among them legal documents, technical documentation, information technology, financial statements and more. We take into account all requests of our customers.

Deadlines. Translation Agency ALTANA has a great staff of translators, so we are always ready to accept and fulfil large orders or urgent translation of the text.

Range of services. Services of Translation Agency ALTANA is not limited to translating texts. Our services include: consecutive interpretation oral and written translation, translation of phone calls, the presence of a qualified translator’s presence at a notary's office and in other authorities, proofreading, insurance and much more.

Cost of services. We do not hide our prices, as do some of our colleagues. All prices listed on the site correspond to reality. Our main principle of work is high quality translations at reasonable price. In addition, we have a system of discounts for loyal customers, as well as ordering large corpus of text.

Privacy Policy. Translation Agency ALTANA guarantees to its clients complete confidentiality and security of documents.

Courier delivery. You can order without leaving the office, just call us or order by email. Our courier will pick up the order and deliver the translated documents.

Personal service. For our favourite clients are always guaranteed a personal service. 

Artikel |

  • Юридический Перевод Юридический Перевод Юридический Перевод Юридический Перевод - это перевод для передачи юридической информации
  • Cовременные бюро переводов Cовременные бюро переводов Cовременные бюро переводов Деятельность современных бюро переводов и переводчиков в условиях развития информационных технологий
  • Центр Переводов Центр Переводов Центр Переводов Профессиональные переводчики Центра Переводов в Киеве осуществят качественный перевод
  • Юридичний переклад Юридичний переклад Юридичний переклад Юридичний переклад стосується галузі права та використовується для обміну юридичною інформацією
  • Перевод при испытании сетей Перевод при испытании сетей Перевод при испытании сетей Услуги профессиональных бюро переводов в испытаних электрических сетей