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translation of phone conversations

Translation of Negotiations

Translation by phone - one of the services of our agency. And it is clear that if you have not used such a translation service, you have any questions. The following questions and answers to help you understand this service.


What is the translation on the phone?


Translation by telephone is a communication by telephone between people speaking different languages. Translator helps them overcome the language barrier, carrying the serial translation of cue of the negotiators.


What are the advantages of translation by the phone?


Translation by telephone may save considerable resources. You do not spend money on travel and the organization of numerous partnerships parties. In addition, he is paid less.

Some other advantage:

  •  in the case of debate sensitive issue presence of a third party (the same interpreter) may not be desirable (for example, during the negotiations of representatives of different religions or cultures);
  • telephone interpreter, made a good specialist - an excellent option when you can not use the services of a competent interpreter “face to face”;
  • in urgent need of interpreting services by telephone, you can resort virtually instantaneously.


What are the negative aspects of the translation by the phone?


It is assumed that about 70 % of the information in the language is transmitted through nonverbal communication (gestures, posture). Thus, for a translation by telephone, some elements of communication may be lost. It is not necessary to resort to a telephone interpreter in a hospital setting, in particular, because of the environment.


The quality of translation by telephone may be affected in case of bad connection or use of the negotiators of nonverbal communication to improve some things in his speech. However, we note a good translator will take into account many factors: intonation, expressive speech, the tone of the speaker, etc. Therefore, and require an interpreter qualified and specializes in telephone interpreting, because without adequate skills, such activities will not be able to convey the depth of the question.


It is not necessary to resort to a translation on the phone if the conversation involved children or people with hearing impairments. In this situation, the preference is to give the translation of “face to face”.


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