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Technical Translation

Technical Translation Technical Translation


The Translation Center offers you a service of technical translation. The rapid development of science and technology significantly increases of the demand for technical translations. Translation of technical documents in Translation Bureau is performed upscale translators with experience in the technical fields. Possession of a foreign language perfectly and the high level of knowledge in the field of production - that is what the enormous success of translators Translation agency "Altana". In our office you will find the translation required for the translation of technical documents:
- Scientific and technical articles;
- Engineering plans and drawings;
- Technical guidance;
- Accompanying materials.
In the Translation Center  the technical translation does specialist working in the field of technical translation. If there are difficulties  in translating technical documents, the translator of the Translation Bureau seeks the help of specialized dictionaries. Translation agency does not allow machine translation. Highly qualified staff interpreters Translation Center avoid possible errors in the translated text in view of the realization that small mistake can cost an incorrect operation of equipment or miscalculations in the project engineering design.

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