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Consecutive interpretation is a form of translation, in which the speaker makes a logical break between replicas, needed a translator for translating said. As a rule, in contrast to simultaneous interpretation, this type of translation is used for events with few participants, such as negotiations, meetings of the Board of directors of companies with foreign investments, and meetings to share experiences, etc. However, consecutive interpreting is not suitable for events with a large number of participants, such as conferences, forums, congresses, and various hearings and so on, because the translator is simply unable to translate the statements of all participants. By ordering this service we can be sure of the proper quality of its execution.


Translation agency "Altana" always ready to offer you the services of consecutive interpretation for the following activities:


- A service of meetings and negotiations;

- Seminars, meetings, round tables;  

- Briefings, press conferences, presentations, exhibitions;

- Cocktail parties, festive events;

- Assistance in the operational translation of written documents, which does not require a full translation, but you only need to understand the meaning;

- Installation and configuration of hardware with the participation of foreign experts;

- Accompanying delegation;

- Meeting at the airport;

- Escort interpreter;

- An interpreter in court, signing documents with notarization and binding in such cases, reading aloud, and other legal procedures.


It should be noted that consecutive interpretation performed by professional translators, who have a certain specialization (medicine, law, energetic, engineering, etc.). This approach allows us to perform high quality translations. However, before any event interpreter require specialized materials on topics of the event, which are provided by the customer.


Advantages of consecutive interpretation:

- Consecutive interpretation requires no additional technical equipment;

- It is indispensable for the dynamic nature of negotiations with many crossings, travel, such as when working at industrial sites, negotiations on the presentations, with accompanying delegations;

- When this kind of translation of the interlocutors appears the additional time that may be useful for deeper thinking about the issue (for example business negotiations).

- Its value is lower than the cost of simultaneous translation.


PLEASE NOTE that this type of translation increases the communication (speech) is twice as sound during pauses speaker. Just when ordering services of consecutive interpretation, always indicate a big theme of the event.


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