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 Терміновий Переклад

In human life there are such situations in which translation of the document is required immediately. Translation Bureau provides a service for urgent translation. Urgent translation is a translation of the document in a compressed time frame. The peculiarity of urgent translation is the work on a document of several professional translators. Urgent translation is done by a professional translator Translation of the team for the following documents:
- documents to the embassy;
- personal inquiries;
- Technical documents;
- Contracts.
Experienced translators of Translation Center have a fairly high level of knowledge to perform urgent translation without the help of dictionaries. Urgent translation as a product of the Translation Bureau eliminates the possibility of machine translation.
Urgent transfer can be for different types of documents, such as for a reference, and for the folder sheets agreement. Urgent translation requires maximum concentration and attention, and performed at least 3 hours. Price urgent transfer to the translation agency exceeds the cost of a standard translation. There is an urgent translation services supplied notarization. Due to the high qualifications of our staff translators, Translation Bureau ALTANA executes urgent translation  as quickly and accurately as possible.

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