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Proofreading Translation Agency

List of services offered by translation agency “Altana” for editing of texts and translations:

• Proofreading of translations;

• editing grammar and stylistic mistakes;

• reduction translation to “a common style”;

• proofreading by a native speaker.


There are no two translations alike


Translations that people order are very different. It is no exaggeration to say that the texts of these translations cover all areas of human life. Art, technology, trade, advertising, personal documents, descriptions, instructions - this is not a complete list of what has to face translators. Variety of the translated texts are so large that almost no one, no matter how professional he was not able to translate highly technical texts related to all these areas of life, with equally high quality.


Proofreading why is it necessary?

Proofreading materials is recognized necessity. Proofreading is necessary in the translation of virtually any text, large or small in corpus. Especially the proofreading is necessary when performing expresses translation, as well as work on the project by several translators.

Proofreading allows you to avoid the inconformity of words and sentences in texts, guarantee the correctness of information and the correct construction of sentences during the translation.


Proofreading help to fix all small mistakes in the work of the translator. Proofreading allows you to make sure that the translated material written in precise technical language by all the rules and technical literature that the meaning of the translated material accurately matches the intent of the original and has no thematic and stylistic divergences.


Even the most skilled and qualified translator cannot guarantee you a lack of misprint and small grammatical mistakes in the text. There are cases where such small mistakes are not fundamental and cannot be correct. In addition, there are cases where an agreement or technical documentation that has grammatical mistakes, works against the company's image.


In this case, proofreader can help you. The main task is to make the material grammatically correct, correct all misprints that allowed the translator to arrange punctuation marks to allocate all the necessary vocative, if necessary, impersonal text of the technical instructions and descriptions. Proofreader makes text perfect. Absolute literacy material is an extra

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