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Affixing translations with the translation agency seal

Quite often, documents do not require any notarization; in such cases, it is enough to affix the translation agency seal to the translation.


“Altana” translation agency will only provide the ‘seal affixing’ service if the translation requires no notarization. For example when submitting an application for visitor or business visa to the Embassy, applicants often only need to confirm the correctness of the translation with the translation agency seal.



It is up to you how you will certify your documents – our managers can only recommend the best way of certification based on their experience. Though, rules change quite often, and we cannot follow all the alterations in document acceptance procedures applied in all agencies.

Please get the detailed information concerning preparation of each specific document to be submitted to your agency.




With our seal, we can certify any document. The translation will be appended to the original (or copy), the stamp will be affixed on the reverse where we specify the source and the target languages, number of pages bound with the round seal of “Altana” translation agency.


In some cases, the translation agency seal can be affixed to the printed text of the translation (e.g. you need to have the official translation scanned and sent abroad by email or fax).


Also there is a list of documents and texts, translations of which can not be notarized, as followings:

- Translation of newspaper articles;

- Translation of documents that are written / filled in by hand;

- Translation of documents that are missing signatures and seals;

- Translation of magazines;

- Translation of promotional leaflets;

- Translation of labels;

- Translation of instructions;

- Translation of foreign documents issued in public institutions, but they are without apostille and / or legalization;

- Translation of receipt of payment for services;

- Translation of questionnaires/forms;

- Other documents which are not drawn up properly.


The translation agency seal affixed by translators 1 copy - free of charge, each subsequent - 15 UAH.


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